Drawings that don't belong anywhere

Self explanatory really!

Yes! I own a hammock! :D

I found out today they come in boxes of 36. THIRTY SIX CREME EGGS!!! :-)

Guest drawing
This is by a guy named Tom who was trying to explain to me how you scratch your own boat with your blade. I particularly like the rage fist :-) (And he didn't even fall in!) LOOK AT THE LITTLE FILIPI STRIPES PEOPLE. That is some dedication to detail on MS paint.

The bad thing about Petit Filous is they're TOO FUCKING SMALL to eat with my spork :-(

Erg rage

The dent in the paper is where I dropped my camera.
EDIT This one makes me looked really unhinged doesn't it? Hmmmmm.

One of my friends had bought a really big ham
One of them is call "Basics of the Solar Wind". It is 300 pages long and does not look very basic.