**A bit 'under construction'** I'll add some more stuff when term ends and I'm not drowning in example sheets about magnetohydrodynamics/whatever.

However, if you happen to have any burning questions, stupid or otherwise, please email me and I'll stick them up here.

Are you insane?
Of course not! What a silly question.

How do you find the time to draw all these pictures while rowing AND doing loads of Astrophysic-y stuff?
Errrr......*Laughs nervously* Well it helps that

{Anna's social life} = {∅}


Why do all your pictures look like they're drawn on brown paper?
This is because I have decided the most efficient way of getting pictures into my blog is to draw them then photograph the drawing. And the light in my room is a bit crap :-)

What is the best piece of rowing kit you own?
Well, it's a pretty close run thing between 'The Leggings' and 'The Fucking Awesome Trainers'.

If I really had to chose, like if I could only save one of them from a fire or something, it would probably be the leggings. There are only 10 pairs of them in existence! 

Don't make me chose between the Oakleys and the leggings though. I'm classing the Oakleys as combined cycling/rowing kit so they don't count and I can save both in the event of massive fire.

What's your boat called?
Atreus. Mainly because the first boat my grandad sailed in was called Atreus and he then went on to captain a load of merchant navy ships. I figured he would have approved, which is perhaps a little soppy, but I don't care. The greek myth behind the House of Atreus is also pretty awesome  - it's basically full of people taking elaborate revenge.

One of my friend's has named her boat something much better though  - "Little Miss Fucking Sunshine". Inspired! :-D
What's your favourite medieval siege weapon?
The trebuchet. There are very few things more awesome than a trebuchet. There's a nice picture of one in here somewhere.

What's the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
This is getting silly.