Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Soul searching and dragons

Because the last post was not very lighthearted and a little soul searchy, here is a picture of me fighting a dragon as an antidote.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay dragon fighting!

Oooooooooooooo this also gives me an idea for a drawing challenge!

I am not really that good at drawing (hello? I'm a stick figure?) Therefore, it might be quite fun if you submit ideas for me to draw. Perhaps of the format

Me _________ing a ___________ with a ____________.

e.g. Me attacking Stalin the Swan with a banana.

Keep it clean folks or I'll get moody and not draw for you... Stick suggestions in the comments below and I'll do my best --->


  1. Me eating scrambled eggs with a comb from a shoe.

  2. You drinking a cup of tea with a unicorn.

    (the unicorn could be in the tea, or also drinking tea, or merely observing your tea-drinking)

    You making lemon curd with a watermelon.

    You constructing a castle made entirely of profiteroles with a blunt chisel.

  3. You attacking Henry the Hoover with an axe (or other weapon of your choice)? :-P

    You tickling a badger with a rubber chicken.

    or combine and just have a badger attacking the hoover :-D

  4. You beating the scum with an oar? Give it a few months and we can check the photo to see how accurate your drawing was...

  5. You chasing a llama with a spade/trowel

  6. OK, you guys are odd but I shall endeavour not to disappoint....

  7. Jimmy Saville shaving a squirrel with a chainsaw

  8. Dr Barden proving the s-cobordism theorem with Dennis the Menace.

  9. you watching BIG BANG THEORY on a flat screen tv

    1. I find Big Bang Theory kind of annoying as all of the guys are (a) clean (b) slim and (c) clean shaven and generally well groomed. THIS IS NOT HOW IT IS!!!!!