Saturday, 28 January 2012

Training camp, among other things

Apologies that it has been a little while since I've posted. Life has been hectic recently and I have had a little writer's block, which was sad.

I would like to begin with a little dedication, for a great thing has occurred. A couple of weeks back none other than Xeno Muller left this comment on my 2K blog post:

"This is funny and love the minimalist art. I would love to see more despair in the little stickman's face!!!!! Ok, the problem is that I cannot show this to most people because it is not G rated in language. Bloody heck, can you do a G rated version, where you substitute F... Frank, Frog, Keep it going. I for one wish you all the best, been there done that. I will keep my heart rate below 140 :-)
 Here is a brief summary of my reaction to this:

This is my actual face while on the internet.

In light of this, all swears this week will be replaced by "badgering" or references to other small woodland mammals. (Though to be honest, I am sure that swears will accidentally slip through. IT'S SO HARD TO NOT SWEAR.)

Here, have an AWESOME video:

But yes YES. Other news is I have just come back from the annual CUWBC training camp. I LOVE TRAINING CAMPS.

I think the only thing better than rowing three times a day is rowing three times a day and doing weights too. (Badgering LOVE weights). The result of training camp was I vaguely learned to row with other people  for the first time in quite a while. Turns out I was initially quite shit at this:

This lead to me being bucketted (is that a word?) which was genuinely quite fun as well as useful.

I can now add "being in the idiot seat of a bucket" to my list of rowing experiences. By the end of training camp me and Izzi (my bucket pair) were essentially the same person we were so in time. It was awesome.

The only problem with training camp was the fact that the catering didn't really understand what rowers really want to eat.

Particular low points included
  • brain pate
  • white fish, creamed spinach and crisps (!?!?)
Thanks for the photo Griffo!
  • veal (ever had veal reflux during a piece? UNPLEASANT)
  • tongue (w/ tastebuds still attached)

 By day 2 I was basically begging for some plain cooked pasta. If there wasn't a sauce I wouldn't have complained. Just anything that wasn't covered in cream or oil or made of baby abused cow.

The oddest event of training camp was in fact not trying desperately to keep your lunch from seeing the lake but a weird incident with The Dog on the morning of the last day.

So, I decided to go for a cheeky run (which, surprisingly isn't the odd thing). Woo orange hat! Woo awesome new volcano-coloured trainers!

As soon as I step outside I am approached by a truely massive dog.

So after being mauled by the badgering thing, it proceeded to follow me as I went to run around and explore the town.

However, it eventually turned out to be quite fun as I felt incredibly badass running around with what was effectively a wolf. This thing was properly HUGE and it was just so ... random. Running around this random French town in the dark with a massive black dog lolloping around behind me. 

Ummm, other random news (this is a post of a string of unrelated things I'm afraid. Yep, one of those.) I PUT EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY STICKERS ON MY EMPACHER.

This is because I am exceptionally cool and not a massive nerd at all.

See, I told you swearing would slip in. Sorry Xeno, I am too lazy to change the picture.
Umm umm umm. *random topic change #345* So I am doing a PhD in the maths department, which means that I occasionally go and see my supervisor and talk about maths a bit. In his office he has two swivel-ly chairs, like most offices do.

I was a retard to the chair :-(

Yep. One distinguished academic. One chair with no arms any more. MASSIVE AWKWARD EMBARRASSMENT.


I really do not know how I will ever get employment :-(

Now, for some advice for the womenfolk who read my blog. When a hairdresser asks you how long you want your hair, do not under any circumstances give this reply:


Upon seeing this glorious picture upon the book of the face...

Not matching socks arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
... I got this text from my mother.

(Note the use of the word "again"... :-/) Gotta love parents! I also now recieve an awful lot of chat like this:

which I am not really sure is a complement.

Badgering hell rage.


I brought the best mechanical pencil in the world ever. It is like writing with awesome. It is the rotring 600 (all the way from Japan) and it is fit as.

*makes this face*

Seriously, this thing is like technical drawing porn it's so good. It has made me want to draw and write things ALL THE TIME.

(I have really bad pencil chat, I'm sorry. But this thing is properly beautifully made and I always find that pleasing.)



Well, I shall leave with the news that The Sufferfest (as reviewed last time) has definitely made me better at cycling. I am gauging this by I ride I did the other morning when, even though riding a vaguely toughly geared fixie, I was third to the top of Chapel Hill (offically The Only Hill In Cambridge) whereas usually I am so last it's hilarious. I dunno. I think the turboing with the structure and sustained power they ask for (well, shout at you to do) has made me both more aggressive and able to sustain those attacks.

I'm hoping it wasn't just a fluky ride and I have actually got better but only time (and the next meeting of CUWBCCC) will tell.


I completely lost the ability to use stairs and get into and out of chairs that day. It was great :-)

I think the new mental death weights didn't help much either (they included 4 mins of 20"/10" on/off HOW MANY FRONT SQUATS CAN YOU DO which is a great recipe for nearly passing out - serious 2K-level pain. You should try it.)

 Oh, there was swearing that day. The oddest thing is that we chose to do this to ourselves and enjoy doing it. Those days when you wake up and can barely stand up you punch the air and go "YEAH take that legs!" because you know in a couple of days you will be more awesome than before (and can therefore do MORE FRONT SQUATS). Sure, you're weighing up the pros and cons of getting that all important maths-strength coffee but it's DOWNSTAIRS and walking is hard and you're not sure that your shoulders can take levering yourself out the chair.


I shall leave you with Gordon, who appears to have developed a dairy addiction.

Protein's important kids!

I really want a cup of tea but the kettle is across the kitchen :-( Badgering hell rage.


  1. Fish, spinach and crisps is truly remarkable. The rest of the food sounds good for training camp! But my view of training camp now involves the most energetic thing being restarting stalled engines every 10 minutes...

    Also, "vaguely"? How many people do you know on a stiffer geared fixie who aren't really serious male cyclists (or even who are)?

    1. Railton, you're much harder than a lightweight man, don't do yourself down.


    2. Well, I am on 16-48 at the moment and it has been 14-48 in the past :-)

    3. @Alex: Better chat then them too :D

    4. It's true... I use a 44-17!

  2. You are a genius - I finished reading this 5 mins ago and I'm still chucking to myself :-D

    1. Oh man I really can't type! *chuckling* that "l" is very important

  3. Totally unrelated to this (or any) post but I saw this and thought of your blog:

    T-rex rowing!

    Love your blog.

  4. This is possibly one of the best rowing blogs I've read. Kudos. I laughed reading this. ITS SO TRUE! :D