Thursday, 7 June 2012

OMFG Posters!

Remember this post?  Well there's a glorious poster of it and you should totally get one as it will probably be the best poster you will ever own.

Gordon has a new friend. It's a bit weird as the duck is badger-sized and the badger duck-sized. Crazy.

These things are A1, full colour and made of amazingness. Every self-respecting boathouse should have one. And one can be delivered to your door for the bargainous price of TEN FIVE BRITISH POUNDS. If you drop me an email and ask me nicely I might even draw/write something on it for you because I am nice like that and like spreading the joy :D (or just put it in the "instructions to merchant" bit on Paypal...)

So yes, unless I have completely failed at technology there should be a paypal button somewhere along the side so you can buy one oooooooooooooo. If you want more than one, just drop me a line - I am clearly not that paypal savvy clearly and couldn't fucking work out how to add different postage for things etc.
Here is a flowchart to make things easier (I FUCKING LOVE FLOWCHARTS!!11!)



  1. Love it. I'm wondering whether I should print some posters of Laser Sailing: The Rules.

  2. Chair dance of joy completed ...

  3. Mine arrived today in California - worth every penny. Had to explain to friend what "badgering" meant in that context.

    And yes, I danced with joy in my office.

  4. Thank you so much! Bonus picture on the envelope! Wooooo!

  5. I now have a posted with added Wooo!


  6. My crew bought me one :D

  7. Just got my poster! Amazing! My step-dad keeps pretending he understands it... :P
    I also appreciated it being address to "The esteemed" and a mispelling of Sussex is always interesting :P

    Thank you SO much! This will come with me on every house move for the rest of my student days and beyond!

    1. Yes, I have no idea why I couldn't spell Sussex :D (I am going to blame getting distracted by the internet or something!)

  8. Yes I've got my very own now, it made it to The Netherlands! Definitely dancing with joy!!!