Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The revenge of the mugs

OK, so I slightly underestimated how popular these things were going to be and I have already run out (in fact my excel spreadsheet says I have -3 mugs...BAAAADDDD). In less than 24 hours. Impressed!
So I was going to order some more, as that seems a sensible thing to do given that -3 mugs is a pretty bad number of mugs to have.

Maybe it's like having an anti-mug particle so when it comes in contact with an actual mug they both annihilate! What an exiting thought!
 Anyway, yes. So I was going to order a bunch more of the life/tea ones but but BUT there is now the exciting opportunity of putting WHATEVER DRAWING YOU WANT ON A MUG for exactly the same amount of money. (My brother wants one of the dog staring at me....). Which is exciting.

These things take about a week to be made and get to me, so I'm setting a sorta deadline for this Saturday (22nd Jan) for any random other mugs you want made up. Seriously, anything. I'll probably draw something for you if you ask me nicely :-) Email meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-)

Ooo ooo ooOOoOOOOOOO. I got excited today because this turned up!
Fucking bike jousting, people. On a t-shirt. Epic
I also discovered how hard it is to operate the timer function on your camera without looking like a tool. Although to be fair,"photogenic" is not a word that would describe me anyway, it's just looking like a bit of a twat in photos is somewhat amplified by having to take the photo yourself. At least I didn't fall into the facebook-profile-taking-a-photo-of-yourself-in-the-mirror bollocks *shudder*.

Here's a selection of me looking like a twat for your amusement anyway.
Thumbs up retard!

I-have-no-idea-what-I'mdoing-here retard
Hat AND thumbs up retard.
Hat, thumbs up and jumping in the air retard!
What can I say, the camera loves me darling.

Hmm. Yes.

Here's the flowchart again for the mugs. Because as I said yesterday, flowcharts are important :-)


  1. Uh oh, now you have introduced choice. I'm never going to be able to decide what design to have on a mug :/

    Nice hat!

  2. Hi I'm visiting from nb Lucky Duck cos I loved the look of your mugs! And now I find your blog hilarious so another one added to my Google Reader :) I'd buy a mug but I live far far away (Wales) so may not be entirely practical!

  3. Yes, it is a good hat isn't it :-)

    Tom when the next batch arrives I'll put some pictures up of the other ones so you can pick one :-) (so far it's just the 'sculler' thing that's on the t-shirts and the ergo winning thingy...)

    @Diurnata - just posting one to Liverpool now!

  4. On the subject of ergos winning:

    That's right, fuck you ergo!

  5. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    Is that bits of fan on the floor?

  6. Yep, it exploded into a thousand pieces!

  7. Charge?

    Not Bianchi?

  8. @Tom: Woooooooooo! Was it you?
    @Anonymous: ????? Mmmm Bianchi....

  9. No, I'm afraid not!

    It was some guy at Peterborough RC trying to get as low a split as possible. Pretty impressive, I'm not entirely sure if that's a good attribute to bring to a boat though . . .

  10. How much are anti-mugs? They sound neat.

    Will the kitchen floor work as well for getting rid of my crap mugs? Or do I need anti-mugs & a Large Teacup Collider?

  11. HAHA abuse of science win. Large Teacup Collider - wouldn't it be AWESOME if you could set up two opposing trebuchets and they could fire teacups such that they collided in mid air?

  12. I can see a whole series of 'just because it'd be awesome' drawings coming up...