Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween erging special

Circa one hour of hacking away at a pumpkin with a very sharp penknife led to this, possibly the only rowing-orientated pumpkin carving ever. YES THAT'S A FUCKING PUMPKIN WITH AN ERG ON IT! :D

Now making spicy pumpkin soup WITH ADDED BACON + BONUS BACON + DID I MENTION THERE WAS BACON IN IT. Good times! :-)

Other news from the New House of Awesome is that we now have a massive cuddly duck called Gordon. It is not an unsubstantial duck which lead to several people on Thursday evening being overtaken by a girl with a large soft duck strapped to her back. I really do hope they were ashamed :D

It was a bit of a shame for my housemate Harriet who had bought a new shiny iPad the same day, only to have said purchase completely eclipsed with my COMPLETELY AWESOME MASSIVE DUCK.

Anyway, Gordon has made friends with the house platypus.

I feel the role of Gordon should be as a sort of advice duck. e.g. Gordon says: "Fez's are cool!"

"I can type a damn site faster than you can woman! Move it!"

"You should read this book. It's FUCKING ACE."

"You should aim to produce a puddle as big as this man [Steve Redgrave]. Let's hope the other guy in the pair is Pinsent else they're going to be in the bank very very soon."

So go forth and make rowing related pumpkin carvings and I'll be back soon with something more drawing-y and probably related to fours head and EPIC EPIC COLD. Night!


  1. Gordon Duck vs. Asbo Swan
    pleeease! :)

  2. A platypus?!!! NOW I'm jealous...! :-S

  3. Love it! A duck beats an iPad *any* day! :-D

  4. @Lindsay: They are of a similar size so this might just work! :D

    @Ulrike: Platypus actually from Toronga zoo, Australia (Woo!) and called Puggle.



    Where did you get the duck from?

    I am very impressed by your pumpkin-carving skills. And the fez.

  6. Duck was rescued from the RSPCA charity shop for the princely sum of £4.95. Bargain! :D (There was also a large meerkat in there too)

  7. Excellent. I just had another thought related to Gordon - I think he needs some gin. (Which, then, of course, the household would help him out with drinking)

  8. It's Andy Holmes isn't it? My copy isn't to hand . . .

  9. Ah, plenty of Fours-head-related material now...:/

  10. A friend for Gordon:

  11. @Tom: Ay?
    @Anonymous 15:03: WOW AMAZINGSAUCE OMG :D

  12. I have been reading your blog for about 3 hours straight now, laughing hysterically making my housemate constantly ask "what's so funny?!" Fez's are cool got both of us, although that might just be the 3 a day practice taking effect.

    Thanks for the awesome blog!