Sunday, 16 October 2011

Drawing competition!

So a few posts back I made people challenge me to draw various weird and wonderful things. This is the result.

Eating scrambled eggs with a comb from a shoe.

Drinking a cup of tea with a unicorn.

 Making lemon curd with a watermelon.

Constructing a castle made entirely of profiteroles with a blunt chisel.

Attacking Henry the Hoover with an axe.

Tickling a badger with a rubber chicken.

Beating the scum with an oar.

Please see previous post.

Chasing a llama with a spade.

 Jimmy Saville shaving a squirrel with a chainsaw.

Dr Barden proving the s-cobordism theorem with Dennis the Menace.

Thank you for participating in this little experiment. I am happy to learn that there are people out there who are at least as weird as I am :D (Shaving a squirrel with a chainsaw?!?!)


1 comment:

  1. Probably the best artistic representation of a unicorn I have ever seen. Henry, badger, llama and squirrel all look genuinely frightened (as indeed they should).