Wednesday, 23 February 2011


OK, it so happens that this week is the dreaded Week 5 of 8 in the Cambridge term. I hate to quote really bad films and all, but this is when shit gets real.

In the student newspapers they call this weird affliction "The Week 5 Blues", but to be honest it's more aptly described as "The Week 5 complete-head-fuck". Every term I'm like "Oh ye, it'll be different this term, even though I how have 3 years of experience to the contary" but it always ends up like "Oh ye, I was totally wrong again and I am in DEEP SHIT".

For those who can't imagine what this feels like:
*Random aside* I WANT THIS HAT:
At this moment in time, nothing could make me more happy than wearing this to a Binary Stars lecture.

OK, maybe prehaps this:

But I digress.

In a very hypersensitive state, it is generally bad when shit like this happens to you.
 <<10 pages of algebra>>

 Hang on, wait. The question is fucking wrong isn't it. *Changes 'b' to a 'u'.* *Problem now soluble.*
 Oh. Fucking hell rage.
Solution? THIS:
See that bit that says "High caffeine"? FUCKING GET IN :-) :-) :-)
Oh, and it's fucking raining too. It almost never rains in Cambridge so I feel justified whinging about it when it does come along. Fucking rain. Making me wet and cold. FUCK YOU WATER DROPLETS FROM THE SKY.
 It's like each tiny little bit of water is mocking me.
Pretty certain this drawing is wrong as I think rain falls as spherical droplets. But that's not the point. The point is that when it rains I have a fucking wet saddle then spend all day in a mood because I get a wet arse.
Also, the back wheel on my bike gets more and more bent every day I use it so every tiny little journey takes stupid amounts of effort. Rage.
*Random ranty aside*

Dear Pedestrians of Cambridge,

See this hard grey thing with cars on? It's called a road. If you walk onto it on some sort of weird pedestrian whim that I cannot fathom in front of my fucking bike, I will want to kill you. At the very least I will want to hit you with a wet fish, even though it's more than you deserve.

Cheers muchly,


*End random ranty aside*

Sorry, just needed to get that out of my system. But anyway, week 5 has it's upshots. Extreme emotional sensitivity means that little things make you really happy. Like animal biscuits.

Also, purple ink. I DO MATHS IN PURPLE INK NOW :-D :-D
*sad violins*
When my delivery of 350 (?!?!?) GDBO mugs arrives I have decided that I am going to make myself a hat and crown myself mug emperor. I have actually very little comprehension of what 350 mugs will look like, although my gut feeling says it is a fucking ridiculous amount. But yes, I will be their emperor.
I feel many hours staring at a spreadsheet, eating raw oats out of the bag for sustenance, sorting out the little buggers gives me license to make myself a hat when they arrive. It's going to have be in the shape of a giant mug I think. Yes.

*Ends digression into insanity*

Oooo! I have something to say about rowing! I subbed into the CUW blue boat (ooo!) t'other day for a "light session" which included a 12 min piece at 32/34. "Woo!" I thought to myself. "Rowing!" They even flattered me by putting me at 6. Annnnnnnnnnnnd then this happened. (Click for bigger-er)
Yeah. That thing called training really does have to be done *sigh*.

Finally finally finally a little "Look what I found on the internets!!!!!" bit. Awesome little game here. All you need to know is that it features a bunny on a spacehopper, and broccoli firing a rubber duck though a ring of fire. Well worth a look.

And with that I bid thee good night!


  1. Well that game is addictive. My favourite so far is the evil aubergine selling ice-cream...

  2. I know! Mercifully short though :-)

  3. oh god, I remember the week 5 blues...they always seem to appear from nowhere!

  4. Talking of games on the interweb, you will like this trebuchet-rich feast:

  5. Mark G, you are a hero. It's basically angry birds with trebuchets :D

  6. Exactly. And that made me think of Northern Exposure - see
    That's just beautiful, man.

  7. Mark, I understood very little of that video, but it ended with someone throwing a piano with a trebuchet and I'm good with that :-)

  8. If you like trebuchets...
    Dodgy asian commentary and all.

  9. @Ian. !!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!