Friday, 11 February 2011

The return of the GDBO mug

I am pleased to announce that the GDBO mug now comes in two flavours: rowing and non-rowing.
Here's what they look like:
 The rowing one has this on the other side:
Cambridge blue, a goddam lion and anti-Oxford sentiment? Woooooooooooooooo!
Some unjustifiable claims about GDBO mugs*
(*Which are all obvously completely true)

  • They are made of pure awesome. (We all know that's an actual element, right?)
  • They may become molecularly unstable in Oxford postcodes.
  • I drew that Cambridge lion myself. It took fucking ages.
  • These mugs undergo a brutal fitness routine every morning to obtain the honour of having "GDBO" on them.
  • One of them won the 400m bronze in the 2008 Olympics.
  • Their hero is Jens Voigt and they all own mug shaped replica cycling kit.

  • They have the tendancy to bully other mugs (especially ones with Oxford blue on), so should be stored away from other varieties of beverage containers.
  • Can reliably hold tea, coffee, fruit juice and limoncello. (Other liquids have not yet been tested, but they're probably safe.)
  •  You can own one yourself for the bargainous price of £7. Which is pretty bargainous. (Did I mention these things can hold tea? :-O)
  • All profits going straight to CUWBC to help them beat Oxford in this year's boat race. And we all want to see that. Because it will be awesome.
So, if you want to own a mug to rule all mugs and bask in it's Cambridge blue awesome-rays, email me at and and we'll sort something out.


P.S. Thanks for all the orders so far - keep em coming!


  1. Is it me, or does your lion look a little surprised? More angry eyebrows required.

  2. Did you know Jens Voigt cycling on the earth's surface is the reason it turns on it's axis?

    God forbid the day he decides to turn round and cycle in the opposite direction....

  3. It looks a bit shite tbh.

  4. @Anonymous2: