Monday, 7 February 2011

GDBO. In mug form.

Please see updated version here.

The GDBO mug is here! (Or it will be as soon as I get some orders...)

It'll look like this (with the handle on the RHS of the rower) and will be made of anti-Oxford awesome.
 Stuff you didn't know about The GDBO Mug:

  • Yours for the bargainous price of £7!
  • I drew that bloody Cambridge lion and it took fucking ages.
  • It was Tolkiens' inspriation for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 

"One Mug to rule them all, One Mug to find them,
One Mug to bring them all and in the darkness [of Oxford blue] bind them."
         (He eventually chose a ring instead for his books as the mug was too badass.) 

  • This mug has been known to bully other mugs. Especially lame ones like this:

      • One of these mugs once won a Bronze medal at Nat Champs.
      • Stalin the Swan owns one of these.
      • GBDO mugs do not wear pogies. EVER.
      • It’s hobbies include sculling, reading Latin poetry and listening to trance.
      • All in support of CUWBC and the quest to beat Oxford.
      Therefore, for the reasonable price of £7 you too can own the mug to rule all mugs and bask in it’s Cambridge blue awesome-rays. What are you waiting for? Email me ( to order one now!

      (N.B. This is very much a not-for-profit thing and is purely to help raise money for CUWBC  and the Henley Boat Races who are rather chronically funded. I'm getting nothing for this except a huge test of my logistic skills and hopefully massive muscles after carrying around lots of boxes of mugs :->)


      1. Any chance of a mug with "Nothing caffeinated. Early start tomorrow..." on it? That's a mug pretty exclusive to horlicks but I'd have one.
        Make your own drawing, I lack originality.

      2. I'm afraid the time of bespoke ordering has ended, but if you email me your email address (?) I'll draw you something and you can get it wacked on a mug yourself :-) (Boots or sommat?)

      3. That mug is seriously awesome. As a non-rower it's not something I'd really use ... but I do admire the lion :)

        If you do do a "Nothing caffeinated. Early start tomorrow ..." drawing can I have a copy too? :)

        Also Jessops do mug-printing in terms of places on the high street ...

      4. Will do as soon as I draw it!

        UPDATE - there are going to be GDBO mugs without the rowing stuff on soon (i.e. just the lion). For the people in Cambridge who don't row (they exist apparently! :->)