Friday, 8 October 2010

Internet advertising can sometimes be a cruel thing

This just landed in my inbox, thanks to looking up a photo of a hoover for this post a couple of weeks back. (Click for bigger).
Leave me alone Amazon! I do not want to buy a vacuum cleaner. Especially not one with a ruddy smug FACE on it. And no, I am not interested in "Other office equipment". FUCK OFF.

I also get quite a lot of spam about crosstrainers now.

"Look at these wonderful shiny indoor exercise machines !!!eleventyone!!! :-D :-D Look at the happy people using them! :-D Look at their smiley, sweat-free faces and pink velour tracksuits! Lalala happy happy happy birds n rainbows n this is what your body should look like *smarm smarm*. We also have no reservations about using sex to sell this product which is why some of these women seem to just be wearing tinytiny shorts and a sports bra. Just to make you feel worse about yourself. But look how HAPPY they look. You should definitely buy this crappy crosstrainer and look like THESE people, you fat slob :-D :-D.


The internet"

I reiterate. FUCK OFF. If it hasn't got "concept2" written on it, I'm not interested.



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