Saturday, 6 November 2010

World champs 2 (or "here's a bunch of videos for you")

Flipping heck. Another 50m of lake and Svensson would have been in serious trouble. Oooooo. I love tight racing. OooooooOOOOOooooo. I think I still enjoyed last year's W1x final more though (where Kath Grainger got the silver  - she did a similar thing to Svensson but was overturned in the last 500m. She just jumped in the 1x for that season and ended up with a silver at the World Champs.... what an athlete.)
Woo! Yay!
Watching this I remembered this race, which pretty much left me speechless.

No one should win an Olympic final that easily. No one.

There's also this. If Frida Svensson goes out of the start like a train, then have a look at what this French pair do:

Mental French-ists!  MEEEENNNTTAAALLLL.

After the men's 2- race today no doubt they'll be lots of speculation over the future of Hodge and Reed. Will Jurgen keep them in the pair or move 'em back into the 4-? OOOooooo.

Rank Boat 500 m 1000 m 1500 m Finish Lane
1 NZL 1:37.51  (3) 3:17.79  (2) 4:56.18  (2) 6:30.16 3
2 GBR 1:36.96  (1) 3:17.48  (1) 4:55.55  (1) 6:30.48 5

Anyway, I must go to bed. The best is yet to come with the W2x tomorrow....

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