Tuesday, 9 November 2010

World champs 4 - Epilogue

So, to sum up my expectionally biased view of the World Champs:

Favourite race: The women's pair final. Fuck yes!
 Best final sprint: Alan Campbell in the M1x final. (It's no wonder he can barely stand afterwards...)
You really have to watch the video if you haven't already...
 Best world domination: The Grainger - Watkins' mega-double.
Sorry, another photo of them. Because they are awesome.
 Best victory celebration: The Annie Vernon roar upon becoming World Champion

Best facial hair:  Eric Murray of the seemingly unbeatable Kiwi 2-
Best sunglasses: Alan Campell, hands down.
And check out these from the World Cup in Bled:
Best romantic moment (really!)
This one needs a bit of explanation. One of the girls in the silver-medal winning LTAMix4+
(which I completely forgot to talk about - mainly because their finals were earlier on in the week when I was having a MASSIVE WORK CRISIS, so a belated huge congratulations to them). But yes. Story. Kate's boyfriend, unbeknown to her, flew out to New Zealand to watch her race (and win) as a surprise (so already winning big man points there) and then AND THEN proposed to her. But it gets better! He did it in an amazingly awesome way:
Top man! That is going to take some beating! Rather hilariously, when I asked her if I could write about this in my blog, she said, and I quote:

"I'm so happy my fiance hasn't seen your blog, else I'd probably have ended up with a trebuchet!"

AHAHAHAHAHA! I'm not sure how he would have produced a trebuchet from a hot spring though, so he was probably good to stick with the ring. (If you've no idea why I'm talking about siege weapons all of a sudden, you need to read this. You'll get to it after a bit of ranting...) A silver medal in the Worlds and an engagement - I think that counts as a pretty fucking awesome week.

So from beating the world at rowing, to epic Oakleys, to romantic proposals by hot springs, there is naught more to say then:

Good night!


  1. Thanks Anna I love it! I'm going to print it off and keep it forever, funnily enough Aaaron just read the trebuchet blog and I could tell by the HUGE grin that his inner geek was massively amused. He espacially liked the sound of an inventing shed and the coffee train. What he forgot is that the shed is full of bikes, which alas he loves more than me so thankfully thhere's no space in the shed for inventing said coffee train!
    One category you missed was best competitor name my top 3 were in no particular order Papa Christos, Storn Uru and James Lash and if you liked Campbell's shades you should have seen the socks he wore in the semis I think they were the reason he needed the shades in the first place! xxx

  2. Dude, email me your address and I'll post you the originals! :-D

    Storn Uru definitely wins.

    "The name's Uru. Storn Uru. You do not mess with me."

    He just sounds like he's unbelievably stacked and hardcore.

    Sooooo very glad you're happy!

    Much love from Cambridge :-)


  4. Storm Uru ;)

    Have you seen James May's new TV show? I want to be him :(

  5. Spelling fail! :-) Storm is even more badass!

    RE James May - could you not just buy a load of airfix kits, a mega box of meccano and a scaletrix and spend your weekends playing with them? That would pretty much be the same without your job being "getting it ripped out of you every week by Jeremy Clarkson". Will endeavour to watch his TV show (it's blatently about meccano & scaletrix right?).

  6. Nope! It's about learning essential life skills like how to diffuse a WW2 bomb, make your own pub, serenade someone, and they have a toy train that brings them things to their workstations! It's mostly just a bit of a laugh really.

    Buying the toys would be a start, but he still gets to do loads of awesome thing's I'd love to get paid to do. Like fly with the RAF, I reserve a special kind of hatred for all TV presenters who get to do that. Damn lack of 20/20 vision . . .

  7. Hahaha! I'm just imagining James May with a lute (I mean, because that's how you serenade someone, right?)

  8. OH MY GOD! James May was a minstrel(well, so he said). And he built a train to transport stuff round the lab. And I bet he would be overjoyed to build a trebuchet.

    I think this means that James May is my perfect man :-/

    HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!!!?!?!?!?!?

  9. Haha, who wouldn't be overjoyed to build a trebuchet?!