Saturday, 6 November 2010

World champs - A legend is born

I really need to do some work but I just got massively excited by all the action in NZ so just had to write something..


Now, I must admit I was really really ecstatic watching this race because I know the two girls in the boat (casual name drop right there...) I mean, even though I knew the result before I watched the race, I still felt the need to swear profusely at the screen.

This is not an exaggeration. I was that excited :-)
Watch it here. Great stuff! Huge congratulations to the pair of them.

Frida Svensson: Epicness on a plate

OK, I'll update this when I've watched the race (it's not up yet) but this 5'8" Swede has overturned the great Ekaterina Karsten to take the women's single title. This is a SERIOUSLY big deal. It's apparently the second race that Karsten has lost in seven years.

I was seriously impressed with her in the semi - she went out like a goddam TRAIN and I respect that. I mean, semifinals are pretty much the most savage races of the regatta (if you don't come in the top 3, you have zero chance of making the final and getting to race for medals you see...) and she made it look like everyone else was pootling out the blocks. Linkage here. Really worth watching for some fucking hard-as-nails racing.

Wow. Just wow at that woman.

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  1. Assuming gold for the W2x and that's a pretty impressive performance by the GB women, and Katie Solesbury would probably have made the W1x final if she was in the other semi.