Sunday, 7 November 2010

World champs 3 - Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!

They did it! Grainger and Watkins did it! It really was a great race to watch - domination from the start and a perfect end to the 2010 World Champs.
Here are a load of photos blatently stolen from Peter Spurrier's brilliant photo album. I feel a bit bad for essentially pinching them, but his photos really are excellent. (All of his photos are amazing: have a look at them at There's even one of me! :-D

EDIT: I hope he doesn't sue me.... :-S

HIGH FIVE! High five for being WORLD CHAMPIONS! High five for making it look EASY!
Medals. Oh yes.
Here's a bunch of other ones I like too.
Frida Svensson jumping for joy, literally. 
Here's a couple of the women's pair, because I love the W2-, as demonstrated yesterday.


Also, the lightweight men's 4- really deserve a mention, winning gold by 0.07s.
I  imagine they're all simultaneously shouting "FUCK YEAH!!!!!".
The last word has to be with Alan Campbell though, with his fucking outstanding sunglasses (and his barely-being-able-to-stand-up post race).
Good man.


  1. It was rather a good World Champs overall wasn't it?

    Women did very well, and the lightweight men got both the Olympic class golds :D

    Hopefully Campbell can have an injury free season next time and get closer to that elusive gold medal, I'm surprised he even managed to talk in that interview, he was ruined.

    Those photos from trials are great, I hope you wore an awesome hat to the start like Zac!

  2. Before that race at trials my coach handily locked the van with all my stuff in (including some sort of awesome hat) before completely vanishing off the face of the earth - I was lucky not to freeze to death at the start!

    The wearing of awesome headwear has since been rectified :-)